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Distinguishing yourself from the swarm is not a cheap thing. Nor are dedicated web hosting. Even so, they have shown that the utmost liberty more often than not pays off. In our opinion, picking the Hepsia hosting Control Panel is the shrewdest move. Hepsia comes at no further cost and contains the finest hosting content management tools in a single, centralized client CP, requesting only one single dedicated server web hosting account. Hepsia, in contrast with cPanel where there's no Domain Manager at all, distributes a feature-rich, fully functional Domain Manager where you can register, move, manage and host unlimited domain names of yours. The drawback with Hepsia is the lack of root access to the dedicated hosting server, but you will hastily cherish the excellence of Hepsia's point and click File Manager as a compensation.

Hosting Details Arctic Atlantic Pacific
Monthly Price
Data Space 2x 250 GB 2x 500 GB 4x 500 GB
Web Hosting Traffic 10 TB 11 TB 12 TB
CPU Intel Atom D525 1.8 GHz (2 cores) Opteron 4170 HE 2.1 GHz (6 cores) 2x AMD Opteron 4170 HE 2.1 GHz (12 cores)
Server Memory (RAM) 4 GB 8 GB 16 GB
Dedicated IP Addresses 3 3 3
Control Panel 1
Domains Hosted 2
Operating System (OS) 3 CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian
Root Access 4
Service Accessibility

Control Panel 1 - The Hepsia hosting CP is a regular tool only when combined with the Debian Linux OS and is delivered without charge. With Hepsia you can host unlimited domain names in one single user account. This is possible thanks to Hepsia's powerful Domain Manager section. The other CP interfaces, i.e. cPanel and DirectAdmin, are obtainable solely in combination with CentOS. Unlike Hepsia, with them you have to use TWO autonomous hosting user accounts. This is so, because cPanel and DirectAdmin do not deliver any domain name registration/transfer/management opportunities. If you choose Ubuntu as an OS for your dedicated server, there will be no web hosting CP possibility.

Domains Hosted 2 - unmetered domain names can be hosted with all available hosting CP platforms, but only with Hepsia you can register/transfer/manage your top level domain names in one hosting account. Sadly, the cPanel/DirectAdmin CP interfaces do not offer such option at all - there is no Domain Manager section and for that reason they need 2 separate web hosting account logins: one domain name administration/billing/support user account and one website administration account (i.e. the actual cPanel/DirectAdmin hosting CP).

Operating System (OS) 3 - you will find out that the Hepsia hosting Control Panel is offered with Debian Linux only. It's free of cost to have it on your dedicated web hosting server. Hepsia is not available with CentOS or Ubuntu. The cPanel and DirectAdmin hosting CP setups operate only with the CentOS Operating System. Neither of them is offered with Debian or Ubuntu.

Root Access 4 - not available solely with the Hepsia web hosting Control Panel and offered in all other cases.